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Ibigawa-cho , Gifu
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Kasuga no Toro Matsuri (Lantern Festival of Kasuga)    

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Kasuga-mura located in the westernmost part of Gifu Prefecture has held a lantern festival on New Years day since ancient times. This festival came down to date under the influence of mountaineering asceticism. Shinto priests having purified themselves bring offerings to Yakushi Hall to dedicate them to the god. Lanterns are considered to symbolize staple grains and fabricated every year. The finished lanterns are then brought to Yakushi Hall and hung from the ceiling. In Yakushi Hall, village people wait while singing Shongaina-bushi, whereupon the lanterns are chopped down; village people scramble for them, bring part of them home and use them to decorate their household altars to pray for a good harvest for the year.
(Event-holding date: January 12)

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