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The origin of the Kawagoe Matsuri festival goes back 350 years ago, to when Matsudaira Nobutsuna, the then domain head, donated equipment for the celebration, including a Mikoshi (miniature shrine) and Shishigashira (lion headgear) to the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, in order to promote the celebration. Kawagoe was the closest castle town to Edo and had a close relationship with it, transporting goods and people over the River Shinkashi. As the Kawagoe Matsuri developed, strongly influenced by the Akasaka Sannosai and the Kanda Matsuri of Edo, both of which were described as the grand Tenka Matsuri, one can see the glory of Edos festivals in the present Kawagoe Matsuri. It was designated a National Important Intangible Cultural Property as "the Dashi (float) event of Kawagoe Hikawa Matsuri" on February 21, 2005. This film was made in 2000 and depicts the history of the Kawagoe Matsuri, the rituals of the Hikawa Shrine, and the ways of life handed down among the towns people.

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