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Minami-Soma City , Fukushima
(Haramachi City)
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Kagura and Tengu-mai of Kitakaihama    

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In Kitakaihama area, residents have passed down 3 types of performances: kagura (Shinto music and dance), kenbu (sword dance), and gTengu-mai (goblin dance).h Kagura is performed on New Yearfs Day and in the festivals of the Inari Shrine (held on the first ghorseh day of February, April 24th, and September 1st in the lunar calendar). Tengu-mai is presented together with kagura on such occasions as the Inari Shrinefs festivals on the first horse days in lunar February. In items of the kagura, maku-mai (veil dancing), heisoku-mai (Shinto stripe dancing), and suzu-mai (bell dancing), performers go around the performing space and go back and forth between each corner and the center. The rare style not only within the former Nakamura clan territory but also all across Fukushima Prefecture is thought to prove that it was introduced here from a different route. The items are followed by todo-mai (closing dance). Kenbu resembles the movement of the performance item gTachi (sword)h in orochi-mai (huge snake dancing). This item is thought to have possibly been arranged into the performance in Kitakaihama area. Tengu-mai looks somewhat similar to shishi-mai (lion dancing) in Nigata Prefecture. This performance is said to have been introduced here from Eichigo (current Nigata Prefecture), Ecchu (current Toyama Prefecture) or Kaga Province (current Ishikawa Prefecture), or brought here by 50 immigrant households from Eichigo Province in 1848, or conducted for the purpose of driving away plagues. It was designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of the city in 1995.

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