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Jubako-jishi and festival of Inami-Hachiman    

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Jubako-jishi of Inami-Hachiman is the shishimai lion dance first performed at the regular big festival of Inami-Hachiman Shrine (Inami Matsuri) on October 1 and 2 every year and has been handed down orally by the Higashi-Yamaguchi district.

With no accompaniment of flute or drum but accompanied only by the sounds of henbai (ground-pounding by feet to drive off evil) made by two oni or ogres who work their way step by step as well as the sound of bamboo whisks, ogres wearing halberds and shishi or lions are quietly pitted against each other over a long period of time, which characterizes this performance art.

In addition to this, Kawatogyo, which passes over the river mouth of the Inami River to otabisho or a branch shrine, where the god is worshipped for a specified short period, is one of the big highlight scenes of this festival.

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