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Fujo-hosaisai of Usa Shrine Satomai-gakuuchi and Shinnoh    

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Usa Shrine has various festive events, and Fujo-hosaisai is the autumn festival event. Fujo-hosaisai is a festival performed for thanking gods for harvesting abundant crops by protecting fields of crops from damage such as by wind and flood, that caused by diseases and pest, or others and is also called hokotate shinji or floats building-up divine service, kasahoko shinji or halberd type float divine service, and gakuuchi shinji or a divine service of dancing and playing musical instruments. The festival is held on October 20 and 21 every year, and Saturday October 20, Satomai-gakuuchi and Sunday on October 21, Goshinnoh are dedicated.

Satomai-gakuuchi is said to have started when Dainenbutsu or the great invocation of Amida was dedicated in 720, and though it was interrupted for some period, it was subsequently restored and is presently performed by the Kitamaki Cultural Properties Protection Boys Group (second to sixth year pupils of Kitamaki Primary School) on the ritual site in front of the Gate for the Imperial Envoy of Usami Shrine.

Satomai-gakuuchi is an unsophisticated dance with boys dancing to sounds of drums and bells and girls dancing to sounds of flutes and bells while singing Totsukami Emitami, an ancient song of gakuuchi nenbutsu or Buddhist invocation accompanied by musical instruments, meaning God who resides high in heaven, is large and conquers everything, please enjoy our offerings and smile.

Goshinnoh was reportedly started in the 12th century as sarugaku but later discontinued. Although Ohuchi Yoshihiro restored it in the 15th century and called shinnoh, it was again discontinued. At the beginning of the 17th century, shinnoh was restored by Hosokawa Tadaoki, feudal lord of Nakatsu, since when it has been performed every year without interruption. Goshinnnoh belongs to the Okura Noh school and is also called Usa Kanze. It is performed at the Noh theater of Usa Shrine by the Usa Shrine Shinnoh Society with repertories varied every year. At present, Goshinnoh is designated

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