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Misato-cho , Miyazaki
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Traditional Culture and Living Customs of people of Kitago-son    

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Kitago Ward (former Kitago-son) of Misato-cho, located in the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, is an intermountain region blessed with abundant nature as a land of Hibuse-Jizo or fire-extinguishing deity (jizo is a guardian deity of children). The film summarizes living customs throughout a year and six traditional performing arts. Many of them have been handed down from generation to generation and we can learn how the ancient people lived. In particular, with respect to traditional performing arts, the successors are overwhelmingly few and the actual situation means that the traditional culture is difficult to hand down to the next generations year by year. This is a film chronicle produced to review the vanishing traditions, rediscover the traditional culture of local residents, and raise our awareness.

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