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Misato-cho , Miyazaki
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Evidence of the Baekje royal family legend Shiwasu Matsuri    

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The Baekje royal family legend is a lore explaining how the members of the Baekje royal family, who were conquered in the Korean Peninsula and separately drifted to seashores of Miyazaki, meet once a year, and it is the Shiwasu Matsuri festival that reproduces this legend. This film is a record of all the stages of this festival that has been held for the last 1300 years until the present day. At present, Teikaoh, the father of the Baekje royal family, is enshrined to Mikado Shrine and Fukuchioh, the son, is enshrined to Hiki Shrine, as a deity, respectively.

The Shiwasu Matsuri festival, held at the end of January every year, takes a ritual form in which the object of the worship of Fukuchioh, son, and the object of the worship of Teikaoh, father, meet each other once a year, and ceremonies of praying for abundant crops and calamity elimination and prevention, safety delivery, and others are combined with this legend to form one festival.

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