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Kanoya City , Kagoshima
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"Seeking for Romance, Star-shedding Village" - Local performing arts of Kihoku-cho nutured by abundant nature -    

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Kihoku-cho, located in the northern part of the Osumi Peninsula, used to be a mountain district which produced good-quality horses. In such times, the village was called Kihoku meaning a region with prosperous livestock business in China. Kihoku-cho was chosen as the town with the most beautiful starry sky in Japan for four consecutive years in a row since 1991 and at Uwaba Park, located on a 550-meter-high hill, the Kihoku Astronomical Observatory was constructed.

In the Hirabo district, Bo-odori, a stick dance, is dedicated in the festival of Ishimure Shrine on the first Sunday of March. It is said that this stick-dance was formed by merging rice-planting songs with the art of using a stick as a weapon.

In the Kashiwagi district, on August 15 of the lunar calendar, a stick dance is exhibited. This was interrupted for a while but restored in 1974. In addition, Takenno bo odori, Asakura taiko odori, and other dances are included in the film.

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