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Ushideku of Teima - Womens festival: targeting the restoration of Ushideku -    

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Ushideku (thin drum) of Teima is one of the festive dances with a long history. Ushideku is a harvest dance performed by only women of the village at a place called Ashiyagi garden after the harvest prayers, while singing joys of receiving gods and playing with the gods in a form of Ryuka (Ryukyu song), accompanied by musical instruments, on August 15 of the lunar calendar. Ushideku features complicated and elegant hand movements such as praying hands, kneading hands, and inviting hands.

Ushideku is a kamiugan (praying for god) event presently grappling for preservation and inheritance with the initiative taken by the Teimaku Womens Association, and by recording the event on DVD using a subsidy granted by the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities, efforts were made to retain the event as a film chronicle.

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