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Zakimibo Watta - We want to convey Chimugukuru    

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The stick of Okinawa was not only to protect ourselves but also to protect the village in a group. At present, in Yomitan-son, the art of using a stick as a weapon specific to each district is handed down. The Zakimibo or Zakimi stick handed down in the Zakimi district, in the bourg of Zakimi castle once said to be impregnable, is assumed to be effective for actual fighting, and the skill is handed down by the Zakimi Stick Preservation Society and the Zakimi Children Society. They decide their partner of a pair when they are small and the partner is never changed until either retires. In December every year, Kyoshinkai, an event to celebrate abundant harvests and fish catches in a year, is held in the community center. Zakimibo, which is performed as the final performance of the event, is the heartthrob of all the young children and the symbol of harmony for community people. In order to hand down the irreplaceable treasure of Zakimi inherited from the distant ancestry to subsequent generations, the video film consists of two parts: Zakimibo - Watta - We want to convey Chimugukuru - which depicts the stick that lives in the daily lives of community residents, and Zakimibo - Basic demonstration - which describes the skills to be handed down to the next successors.
(Event-holding date: Second Sunday of December)

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