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Fujisaki-machi , Aomori
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The bond that maintains the community - Tokiwa Hachimangu Nennawa Dedication Event -    

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In Tokiwa-mura, there is an event to dedicate Nennawa (annual straw rope) every year on the New Years Day. At 9 oclock in the morning of New Years Day, a parade of a gigantic Nennawa of 4.4 meters long by 2.3 meters wide, weighing 400 kg starts. Men dressed only in loincloths shoulder the Nennawa, carry it to Hachimangu Shrine together with musical accompaniment, and pray for abundant crops. From December 16 of the previous year to the end of the year, six artifacts, including the gigantic sacred shrine rope, jabara (purging noxious vapors), fukudawara (fortune rice bag), yanagidaru (two-handled kegs), banners, and gaku (votive tablets), are fabricated. Fabrication of them including musical accompaniments is conducted and handed down by the Tokiwa District Community Activities Promotion Council.

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