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Tome City , Miyagi
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The successors of Toyomanoh    

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In the territory of the Toyoma-Date family that has the formalities of the Date clan, noh was extensively practiced. After the abolition of clans in the Meiji era, while many nogaku in the territory of the Sendai clan died out, in Toyoma, with Ouchi Goroemon, former vassal of the Date family, as leader, noh was inherited as Toyomanoh. Toyomanoh is inherited by Toyoma Yokyokukai (Toyoma Noh Chant Society) and is presented to the public as takiginoh (traditional plays put on outdoors with light supplied by bonfires) twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

The video images summarize with particular emphasis placed on involvement with noh of members of Toyoma Yokyokukai, which takes over Toyomanoh and scenes of takiginoh performed on Mori Noh Stage.

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