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Sasara dance of Senboku region Nagano sasara dance    

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The Nagano sasara dance was brought down from the Kanto region by transfer of the Satake clan and is handed down to date as the Bon Festival event for praying for the expulsion of diseases, the repose of ancestors souls, and a good harvest.

In this region, dancing sasara is said to sasara-wo-suru or to rub sasara. On the night of August 13, after rubbing the first sasara in front of the residence of a leader called yado or lodging, the party parades in procession to go to Sokeiji Temple. This movement is called nadewatari. Thereafter, they move to Zempoji Temple, and rub sasara around the district for four days. The sasara party that has visited every nook and corner of the district returns to the lodging and carries out the final shishi-okuri or sending off of the lion.

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