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Hitachiomiya City , Ibaraki
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Annual events of Omiya-machi    

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This is the record of a wide variety of annual events centering around Koiwai district of Omiya-machi (current Hitachi Omiya City), Naka-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture. With the life history of a farming community in the Taisho era that an old village man of the district wrote used as a textbook, events that are no longer practiced are reproduced as much as possible, and sites of festivals that vary widely according to the household, the same family, and district are introduced with characteristic events of other districts interwoven. At the same time, for easy understanding that life that stands close to farm work and faith, and transience of nature is closely related to annual events, news gathering and editing were performed. This links to the videos Gion of Omiya-machi and Religious Associations of Omiya-machi, as well as the report Annual Events of Omiya-machi (year 2000).

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