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Hitachiomiya City , Ibaraki
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Gion of Omiya-machi - Soga Shrine Gion Festival of Omiya-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture -    

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The Gion Festival of Soga Shrine of Omiya-machi (current Hitachi Omiya City), Naka-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture is introduced with historical materials and hearings from old men included while comparing with the current festival. Gion of Omiya which is well known in the prefecture as a summer festival representing the locality where portable shrines are shouldered by valiant naked men, and it has been handed down for over 300 years. Because of road conditions, parades of portable shrines and floats were interrupted in the mid-1960s and when they were restored after more than 10 years, not only the form of the festival but also awareness of the people were changed. The present video film tries to review the meaning of the festival and the roles that the festival had played in the community on the basis of records of the Gion Festival held in 1998 and to hand down the festival for posterity. This links to the videos Annual Events of Omiya-machi and Religious Associations of Omiya-machi, as well as the report Annual Events of Omiya-machi (year 2000).
(Event-holding date: Fourth Friday and Saturday of July)

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