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Tagami-machi , Niigata Related category:
Kaguramai of Yukawa Gosha Shrine    

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Tagami-machi located at the center of Niigata Prefecture is a town with rich history and nature. The kagura dedicated to Yukawa Gosha Shrine every year is said to be started from the kagura dedicated for reconstruction of the shrine in 1811. During World War II, the dance was temporarily interrupted but restored soon after the War, and in 1957, Yukawa Gosha Shrine Reijin Society was established and the kagura has been preserved to date. There were initially 14 to 15 repertories for the kagura but currently, only nine repertories are left. The dance differs in accordance with the content of prayers, such as good harvest, driving away of evil spirits, and perfect state of health. The present video film records the nine dances with description of their meaning and objectives.

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