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Satsuma Odori dance    

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The Satsuma Odori dance inherited in Konuma of Tokiwa district of Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture is the dance named Satsuma, a local name in Kyushu, a far-off place from Nagano. Regarding the origin, there are various legends but since there is no literature of others, it is not clearly known; however, it is said that it was handed down primarily from Edo (now Tokyo) in and before Kyoho (1716-1735). From the Edo to the Taisho (1879-1926) period, the Satsuma Odori dance was performed by people in the nearby villages, but currently, it survives only in Konuma.

The Satsuma Odori dance is characterized by its completely different lyrics and tempo between yagura-uta or songs sung at a tower and in odori-uta or songs sung to dances, which is an old style of dance song dedicated in front of the altar. In particular, yagura-uta has a complicated style and Satsuma Odori is a magnificent old and elegant dance both in lyrics and melodies.
(Event-holding date: August 15 and 16)

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