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Yasaka Shrine Gion Festival    

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Yasaka Shrine of Shishikui has been called one of Japans three Gions since a long time ago, and from around the Kamakura period (1192-1333), Yasaka shrines located at three places in Kyoto, Bingo Tomo, and Shishikui are called Japans three Gions and were respected by the people early on. The Gion Festival of Yasaka Shrine begins with yoi-miya or eve festival on July 16 and climaxes with hon-miya or regular festival on July 17 every year. On the day of hon-miya, Omikoshi Togyo or the passage of a festival portable shrine is held, in which the portable shine proceeds to Ebisu Shrine, otabisho or a resting place for a portable shrine, and after a short rest, the portable shrine returns (Kangyo) to the main shrine.

In such event, noh dances by children are dedicated: the Sakiyari dance, Yatsuhashi dance, and shishimai dance. This is accompanied by a parade of danjiri or floats, which are composed of three danjiri, and Kinpeinaka, Akindonaka, Washizuminaka, and sekibune. In addition, there is a parade of yamaboko or decorated floats, which are pulled around the road of Kubosuji only. The Gion Festival has the singularity in that the organization of danjiri, sekibune, and yamaboko are related to professional classification in addition to districts.

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