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Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property Tenzushi no Mai    

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Tenzushi no mai handed down to Suwa Shrine and Tenzushisha, the guardian god of Kose-machi, Kofu City is Japans oldest puppet play. In particular, it is known as representing the ancestral existence of the Gujin-geki (puppet show), and is a precious cultural heritage in Japans folk cultural history, which is evaluated in the form of classical Shinto ritual arts and traditional performing arts. In March 1976, Tenzushi no mai was designated an important intangible folk cultural property.

In the present video picture, the whole Tenzushi no mai performed as a divine service is chronicled in film and at the same time, elements of the origin and background are also touched upon. The pictures were taken before the construction of Sport Park, and the dance was performed within the original village scenery, making the video picture still more precious from the viewpoint of historical materials.

This workpiece was digitized from 16-mm films.
(Event-holding date: Sunday before April 10)

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