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Shizuoka City , Shizuoka
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Bon Festival Dance of Hirano Year 1932 Year 1960    

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In 1932 when the Shizuoka Broadcasting Station started service at Yunoki, Shizuoka City, the Bon Festival Dance of Hirano was invited, appeared on stage, and the music was broadcast nationwide via radio. This is a video picture of that time. The pre-World War II dance routine is reported, too, and the members of the then-young mens association are filmed, which is precious as library shots offering reminders of those who are deceased.

This is a video picture of the classic Bon Festival Dance handed down in a mountain village at a site upstream of Abekawa River in 1960. The video picture effectively conveys the atmosphere when the Bon Festival Dance was popularly danced in Shorinin. The Bon Festival Dance is highly evaluated in the performing art history, which conveys the custom of kabuki dance handed down from the preceding generations, and dance routines such as Man Dance, Woman Dance, Naka Odori (middle dance), etc. are well recorded. There included are dances which have been no longer handed down and the video picture is a precious record.

Locally, at present, the nurturing of successors for Man Dances remains an issue, and we hope that the dance routine, which is left in the present video picture, will be used for handing down.

The present workpiece was digitized from 16-mm film.

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