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Mikawa manzai of Kota    

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This is the video image of Mikawa manzai of Kota, which was designated as a state important intangible folk cultural property in 1996. As the people who organized a preservation association in 1977 had aged and some had passed away, the original form of Mikawa manzai handed down to Kota was conserved in the form of a film chronicle. It is the present workpiece which summarizes part of them for primary-school pupils.

In the video film, a wooden statue of Otsuzenji of Jissoji Temple of Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, who is known as the root of Mikawa manzai, is included. In addition, not only traditional Goten manzai but also Gomon biraki in which the god of wealth comes on New Years day and eliminates evil deeds and misfortunes, Sankyoku manzai which is said to be the root of the modern manzai performed for common people, and others are also included.

Furthermore, the video film includes scenes in which elderly members of the Conservation Association teach manzai to primary school pupils, overseas performances, etc., too.

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