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Tsujigiri, the Village Barrier - The Tsujigiri Gyoji of Yachiyo    

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Yachiyo city has a custom where barrier objects and events called tsujigiri are set up at the borders of the town in the hope of protecting it from various disasters and epidemics. The style varies from one to another, each reflecting its locality. However, this custom has been weakening and in places it has been discontinued or terminated due to the onset of urbanization. There are only eight areas remaining where the custom is practiced at present. In order to record and hand down this custom, we decided to film the rituals in these remaining eight areas. We also included one ritual where the ritual itself has recently been abolished but a recording still exists, making a total of nine in all. Although the style varies widely from warahebi (straw snake) to shimenawa (sacred rope), as well as Shinto-style and Buddhist amulets, they all have the common aim of expelling evils. With the onset of urbanization, it is important to gain the understanding of local inhabitants in order to preserve local customs. The film has, therefore, also been created with the aim of disseminating information to local inhabitants.

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