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Festival for agricultural god Syaka Syaka Matsuri    

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A festival dedicated to the agricultural god performed on June 5 at Jobonji-cho of Kashihara City. When children aged 7 to 15 return from school, they get together at the house of Toke (caretaker) with two bundles of wheat straw or straw.

Toke is supposed to be acted by a house where their first son is born in the year, but now the number of children is reduced and therefore Sodai (representative) acts the part of Toke.

In the house of Toke, a serpent 10-shaku (3 meters) long and 8-shaku (2.4 meters) in diameter is built with wheat straw. Children bear it on their shoulders, parade up to the north pond, and immerse it in the pond saying we will water you. They then wind the straw serpent around the tree of Noshin-san (agricultural god) and offer omiki (sacred sake) and chimaki (rice-dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves) to the god. After this, the children take a bath at the house of Toke and are entertained with dinner.

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