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Sekkyo Genjibushi Ningyo-shibai (puppet show)    

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Sekkyo Genjibushi is based on shinnai to which Edo-Sekkyobushi was added, and was started by Okamoto Minedayu, a shinnai-gatari (joruri recitation) performer from Osaka, in around 1836. The elegant style of shinnai speech is harmonized with the sorrowful melody of sekkyobushi and makes a great impression on the audience.

This Sekkyo Genjibushi used to be in full flourish nationwide, with particular focus on Nagoya, but died out over time, and it is by this Chorakuza and one more that the Sekkyo Genjibushi is passed down. To Hatsukaichi City, Sekkyo Genjibushi was introduced in around 1880, about 120 years ago, and by using puppets called Deko, building stage setting, and presenting plays on the stage, efforts have been made to hand down the skills up to the present day, and it was designated as a Hiroshima Prefecture Intangible Folk Culture Property. The play to be presented on this video picture is one act from Oguri Hangan and Princess Terutehime, which deals with that well-known Legend of Oguri Hangan.

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