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Sanuki City Grutto Cultural Properties (looking around the cultural properties of Sanuki City) - Torajishi (lion dance with tiger head) of Tsuzuno -    

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In Tominishida, Okawa-machi, Sanuki City, there is a shishimai (lion dance) called Tsuzuno no Torajishi using a head just like a tiger. According to legend and ancient documents, 160 years ago, Mukai Magoshichi, some number of order of the head of Mukai Family, who used to be a sake brewer in this region, was so fond of shishimai of fighting off a tiger played in Kokusenya gassen (the Battles of Coxinga) by Chikamatsu Monzaemon, which was prevalent at that time, used his own funds to prepare implements, assembled young people, and practiced the shishimai, which is said to be the origin of Tsuzuno no Torajishi.

The scene in which a boy in warrior costume acting as Watonai manipulates and quiets a raging tiger using a single piece of fan held in his hand provides the highlight in this tiger shishimai. In local festivals, this heroic shishimai is dedicated and passed down by the local people. Tsuzuno no Torajishi is designated as a Sanuki City intangible folk cultural property.
(Event-holding date: October 1, 2, and 10)

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