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Nakayama Noson Kabuki (Nakayama Rural Kabuki) Shodoshima    

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Nakayama Noson Kabuki is one of the two remaining Noson Kabuki, which used to be put on stage throughout the whole of Shodoshima Island since the latter part of the Edo period and is designated as a Kagawa Prefecture intangible folk cultural property, with around four scenes presented at the beginning of October every year. In addition, the thatched-roofed outdoor stage (Nakayama no butai), upon which the rural kabuki is performed, is designated as an important tangible folk cultural property.

Shodoshima recently performed was first performed on Shodoshima Island on the basis of the original kabuki text played in the Tokyo and Osaka kabuki theaters.

The story is a tale of tragic love, in which warrior Sasaki Nobutane ran away with Osaino-Tsubone in the Period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties and lived in Shodoshima Island. However, Nobutane was one day found to be the foe of Osaino-Tsubone. Urged to poison Nobutane by the people around her, she administered poison to Nobutane, but then Osaino-Tsubone herself also took poison and followed him.

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