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"Inoko" in Karatsu    

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Inoko Matsuri: Inoko Matsuri (young boar festival) handed down to the Kitahata-Kamihirano region of Karatsu City is held on the day of the Boar of the lunar calendar. By around the end of the Meiji era, the Inoko-ishi (stone) was pounded around in each region but this tradition gradually faded and presently, in the Kamihirano region only, the event is handed down. At the time of the first Inoko, the people were glad at the birth of a boy while at the time of the second Inoko, the birth of a girl was welcomed. Children holding the inoko-ishi stone visit each home of the region, sing a festive song, and pound the stone.

Inoko Tsunahiki: Inoko Tsunahiki (tugs-of-war of young boars) handed down in Uwaba, Chinzei-machi, Karatsu City was originally performed in order to boost the morale of the people of the region on the October day of the boar, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi dispatched troops to Korea, and the event has since been performed to date in order to celebrate the harvest. Sixty to ninety pieces of agricultural rope are twisted together to make two ropes 60 cm in diameter and 60 meters long, which are bound together at the center to form a rope with a total extended length of about 100 meters. After holding divine service, the people are divided into upper and lower groups and engage in a tug of war. Presently, three tugs of war are held at the signal of fireworks.
(Event-holding date: Second Saturday of November)

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