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Kaichu Bon Tsunahiki (undersea tugs-of-war): This event was started when Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered his officers and soldiers to pull the mooring ropes of warships when dispatching troops to Korea. At full tide, players dive into the sea at the signal of a drum and pull a rope 30 cm in diameter and 30 meters long three times.
Ogawajima Kujira Honekiri Uta (whale bone-cutting song of Ogawajima Island): These are work songs called whale songs (whale cutting songs, tackle hoisting songs, whale chasing songs) handed down in Ogawajima Island.
Hirose Furyu: People dedicate nejiri-bayashi, which is a classic way of playing the hand drum and a distinctive performance of big drums with alternating fast and slow rhythms before the altar.
Warabino Furyu: Warabino Furyu (dance) is dedicated to Oyamazumi Shrine for praying for abundant crops on the equinoctial day.
Torisu Tentsuku-mai Furyu: A parade performs Furyu to music to thank Torisu Teenage Shrine for good harvests and to pray for the elimination of plagues until the parade arrives at Torisu Tenma Shrine and dedicates Tentsuku-mai (dance) in the precinct.
Nosa Game Odori (dance): Dedicated at the time of the visit of the portable shrine to Nosa during the autumn festival of Sumiyoshi Shrine. Performers wear straw matting with male and female faces depicted and humorously dance to a musical accompaniment.
Karatsu Kunchi: In the autumn annual big festival of Karatsu Shine, associated with the passage of a festival portable shrine, 14 floats parade around Tori-no-Hama, which is a resting place for the portable shrine, and the streets of the town.

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