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Nagasaki Prefectures Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property Tayui Furyu    

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Of a large number of general furyu dances in the prefecture, Tayui Furyu is the performing art which comprises the largest number of types, including Kaki odori, Suko odori, Hebi odori, Tsukinowa, Dogu mawashi, Kakeuchi, Kitsune odori, Zeni daiko, Naginata odori. Various performing arts of various historic periods such as Kaki odori, which is reminiscent of the end of the Muromachi period and the art of a parade, which has flute music from the mid-Edo period, are combined and handed down.

Each performing art has its own characteristics but involves temperate performing arts, and because Tayui Furyu integrates all of these and proves itself as an asset from a historical perspective as well as that of the performing arts distribution in the prefecture, Tayui Furyu was designated as a Nagasaki Prefecture intangible folk cultural property.

Hon odori (full-scale dance)" is performed on the last Sunday of August once every three years.

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