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Traditional performing arts of Yatsushiro City    

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Futamisuguchi-cho Amagoi Odori (dance praying for rain): A local performing art handed down from the corners of Uyanagi, Yatsushiro City to the Suguchi region in the middle of the Edo period. This is a dance praying for rain at times of draught to Suguchi-machi Ryugu Shrine together with abundant harvests and the well-being of families.
Ozaya Meisho (song and dance): The dance is unfurled together with a humorous musical accompaniment to a cheerful rhythm, incorporating a tale of the tragic love of Okiku-san of Amura, Amakusa and Daiba-don, field overseer.
Mominoki kagura: Started around 1800 and in the Mominoki Shrine grand festival on October 25 every year, Mominoki kagura is dedicated to the god as gratitude for abundant crops. Dances with over sacred wine cups, dances while wearing fierce gods masks, and many others are handed down.
Shibaguchi Bo Odori (stick dance): It is said that the bo odori (stick dance) was introduced as a harvest festival or an entertainment for farming villages about 120 years before now.
Bo Odori (stick dance) of Tsurubami area: It is said that this was started when bo odori was dedicated at the time of establishing Kannondo (a temple dedicated to Kannon) of the Tsurubami area in 1830.
Zeni daiko: From 1781 to 1788, the village farmers climbed Mt. Ryuhozan and beat drums wholeheartedly, praying for rain for three days and three nights. On the day of the fulfillment of the vow, the people thanked the god in heaven and danced while shaking bamboo tubes with 5 to 6 one-mon coins placed inside. This is said to be the start of Zeni daiko.

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