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Shishimai (lion dance) of Babagusu - Ohoshi Matsuri -    

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It is the lion dance of Babagusu that is performed at the time of divine service of Ohoshi Matsuri. Ohoshi Matsuri is the festival of Tsumori-gu shrine held on October 30 every year, in which goshintai (the object of worship) called ohoshisan is enshrined in one of the twelve areas of Kikuyo-machi, Mashiki-machi, and Nishihara-mura and transferred to another area the following year, thereby allowing ohoshisan to move each year throughout the twelve areas in the township. The features of this festival include throwing the portable shrine to the ground or seeing it tumble over on the way to the point of delivery. The shishimai is handed down by the Babagusu area only, has a dignified shishigashira (lions head), and is a valiant dance performed by two persons positioned in front and behind to the music of shishigaku. As well as the dance performers, a total of 40 persons, including tamatori (children), shamisen, flutes, drums, and others participate in the shishimai. The shishigaku comprises five mais (dances), namely, Michigaku, Juzenjigaku, Matsubayashi, Tajimagaku, and Takebayashi, and Tamatori is performed as a side show.

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