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Sea Festival: Itoman Hare (dragon-boat race)    

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Itoman City, the venue for Itoman Hare, is a town which has been developed by fishery since times of old. Itoman Hare is a festival of Uminchu (fishermen) to give thanks for bounty from the sea and pray for future bountiful fish catches and navigation safety, as well as being a traditional event of Aza Itoman at the same time. Because the former Aza Itoman was composed of Mimura (three villages) of Nishimura, Nakamura, and Mijima, the festival takes place led by the young men of Mimura. The main events of the Hare include Ugwan Bare, Youth Group Bare, Junior High Student Bare, duck catching races, Kunnukase (a race where boats are deliberately capsized), and Agai Subu. In addition, before and after the festival various Ugwans (prayers) are offered in Haisho in connection with ancestors and thanks for the festival, a large catch, and navigational safety are prayed for. Even if times change, Hare is passed down for generations so that we do not forget the ancestors grit.
(Event-holding date: May 4 of the lunar calendar)

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