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Okadama Shishimai (lion dance) is a precious traditional performing art, which was passed down by migrants from Yasui, Fukuno-cho, Toyama Prefecture in 1892 and since handed down unchanged for more than a century.

There are dances of Dochu (tours) up to the shrine, Gyoretsu (parades) from the shrine gate to the hall of worship, and Nirami (sharp looks) in front of the hall of worship, as well as a total of 12 dances in accord with the tools used, such as "Naginata no mai (halberd dance) and Karakasa no mai (bamboo-and-paper umbrella dance).

Okadama Shishimai is carried down orally by persons, but in order to definitely carry down the tradition of lion dances, instructions given through video pictures were considered effective, and traditional videos, including History Book (the present video pictures), were produced by Sapporo City.

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