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Kamaishi City Folk Performing Arts Festival    

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In Kamaishi City, many folk performing arts handed down from ancient times exist, of which typical examples include tiger dance, kagura, daikagura, and deer dance.

The present film chronicle includes Joryuzan Mikagura, a deer dance performed by Kogawa Kindergarten, a tiger dance performed by Kamasho (Iwate Prefectural Kamaishi Commercial High School), Sawada deer dance, Katagishi tiger dance, and Tan-nai Kagura, which appeared in the 18th Kamaishi City Folk Performing Arts Festival held on March 4, 2007.

All these dances except for the deer dance of Kogawa Kindergarten and the tiger dance of Kamasho are Kamaishi City designated folk performing arts intangible assets and appear on stage in events such as festivals, etc. even today. In addition, in nurturing successors, new energies are brought to activities and efforts are made to hand them down, for example, even in kindergartens and primary schools, chances allowing children to come into contact with folk performing arts are provided.

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