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Akita Prefectures Intangible Cultural Property Kunimi Sasara dance    

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Many sasaras brought down to the Senboku region, Akita Prefecture, fall into two main general categories: the Nambu- and Kanto-systems. Kunimi Sasara belongs to the Kanto-system, descended from the Satake clan. When the Lord of Satake was transferred to the Akita region, a group of sasara dancers headed a procession and danced to charm away and appease evil spirits and revengeful land spirits where they went. In the dancing posture, dignity as well as dynamism are perceived.

Furthermore, in the dance, there are four types: kandachi, which is danced on a street to take in a tour of village houses and at shrines, kagura, primarily danced at shrines, renbo, danced in front of the deceased or graves, and nemari, also known as kuyo (memorial service) sasara performed. When one dance is finished, it is concluded by a dance with a fan performed by kakkiri (zattuaka), a clown.
(Event-holding date: End of July to end of August)

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