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Asahi City , Chiba
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The Shikinen Jinkosai of Kumano Shrine    

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This ceremony is held once every 12 years, in the year of the rabbit. For three days, a mikoshi (miniature shrine) which houses the goshintai, the spirit of a deity, is carried to several bansho (guard stations), with a parade of several thousand followers in tow. The Daimyo gyoretsu (feudal lords procession), enacting the procession of a lord and his emissaries and the like, as well as a dedication of folkloric performing arts, are performed by local shrine parishioners. The ceremony culminates in a ritual called the Ohamaori where the mikoshi is carried into the sea at Mikawahama beach. The dynamic scene of the waves of the Pacific Ocean trying to overcome the mikoshi is a sight well worth seeing.

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