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Shikisanba of Uruido    

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Shikisanba of Uruido of Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture is designated as a state-chosen intangible folk cultural property and a prefecture-designated intangible folk cultural property, and is the only one left in the prefecture. The only known origin of Shikisanba of Uruido is a Buddhist priest of Shugenji temple having restored the dance of Gono-sanban when he enshrined Atagomyojin (Atago gracious deity) in the Hoei era (1704 to 1711).

The present video images introduce Shikisanba of Uruido while describing the origin and background on which Shikisanba was brought down as well as the roles of the performers: Oki (white old man), Sanbaso (black old man), and Senzai (a young, unmasked character), and we are sure that all could thus easily understand the historical background and origin of Shikisanba.
(Event-holding date: Second Saturday of October)

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