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Shibuya Wards Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property Yoyogi Bayashi and Yoyogi Mochitsuki Uta (Yoyogi musical accompaniment and Yoyogi rice-pounding song)    

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Yoyogi Bayashi and Yoyogi Mochitsuki Uta performed at Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine enshrined from long ago in the town of Yoyogi, Shibuya Ward were designated as intangible folk cultural assets by Shibuya Ward in 2005. In order to conserve the traditional culture and hand it down for posterity, as well as introducing how important culture rooted in the community comes into contact with residents, the present video image was produced, also to represent the significance of keeping records.
(Event-holding date: End of January)

The video images were recorded with Yoyogi Bayashi performed at the annual festival, including practicing scenes and dialogue of the Chairman of the Yoyogi Bayashi History Preservation Association. For Yoyogi Mochitsuki Uta, the working process of pounding mochi (rice cakes) which are delivered at the Setsubun-e (gathering on the day before the calendrical beginning of spring) held at Hachiman Shrine is introduced, together with songs and talks of the Chairman, Preservation Association and the scenes of many people having assembled at the Setsubun-e are recorded.
(Event-holding date: September)

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