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Kurayami Matsuri (Darkness Festival) in Okunitama Shrine    

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In Okunitama Shrine, located in the center of Fuchu City, Kurayami Matsuri is held every year, with Mikoshi-togyo (passage of festival portable shrines) on May 5 as its highlight. On May 3, Komakurabe (horse-racing)", on May 4, Manto-taikai (decorated lantern competition)" and Dashi-gyoretsu (float parade)", on May 5, Taiko Okurikomi (circumambulation of big drums)" and Mikoshi-togyo (the passage of festival portable shrines)" that gathers the biggest stream in darkness, and in the early morning of May 6, Mikoshi-kangyo (the return of the festival portable shrines)", and various other exciting events are held.

Mikoshi-togyo, also known as Oide (coming of the festival portable shrines)," begins with the launch of fireworks at 6 oclock on the evening of May 5 while six of Japans biggest drums are beaten to reverberate like thunder and underground rumbling. Eight portable shrines, led by big drums and lantern lights, then emerge from the main shrine to tour up to the otabisho (a branch shrine where the god is worshipped for a specified short period) (about 220 meters away from the shrine).

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