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Akiru Shrine Annual Festival    

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It is unknown when Akiru Shrine was founded but it is known as a shrine with a historic background as its name is stipulated in Engi-shiki (a collection of regulations in the 10th century in Japan). For 3 days from September 28 to 30 every year, the annual festival is held, and a large hexagon mikoshi (portable shrine) passes seven towns in the parish. Portable shrines carried by junior high-school students are also called out and the festival attracts so many spectators. To herald the festival, the Itsukaichi-irino shishimai (lion dance) is presented to further heat up proceedings. In the video images, various people involved in the festival, including Shinto rituals as well as the dedication senses of mikoshi-togyo (the passage of festival portable shrines), shishimai, and hayashi (musical accompaniments) are introduced.

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