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Shishimai of Mimase    

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A dedicatory dance performed at the time of Yasaka Shrine festival, which is enshrined together at Mimase Suwa Shrine. It has been passed down for about 300 years.

The festival was restored in 1955 after two interruptions. Taking the opportunity of its designation as a cultural property by Kanagawa Prefecture in 1961, a preservation association was established and the participation of women in the activities and incorporation of shishimai in the teaching of the local Aikawa Senior High School have smoothly promoted the succession planning activities.

The style of the shishimai is called Hitoridachi Santo Shishimai (a lion dance performed by three stand-alone lion dancers). The three lion dancers comprise Makijin (father lion), Tamajin (mother lion), and Kenjin (child lion), to whom Bamba, playing the role of coacher wearing a mask of an aged woman and Tengu (long-nosed goblin) acting as a herald, etc. join.
(Event-holding date: Sunday around July 20)

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