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Echigo Murakami Tanabata Matsuri, Festival version    

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Echigo Murakami Tanabata-Matsuri, with a history exceeding 200 years, is held on August 16 and 17 every year. Two carriages consisting of an Isedo dedicated to Kotaishin and a Tanabata float decorated with bombori (paper-covered lamp stands) expressing kabuki and dramas, and stories from all ages portrayed using raised pictures and hanagasa (hats adorned with flowers) are merrily pulled around together with the powerful shouts of wakashu (young men) and festive accompaniments. Before the houses of relatives and on the street, they pray for well-being of the family and business boom to the songs of Tanabata festival and perform a shishimai dance on request.

It is said that Neburi-nagashi to drive away the arms of Morpheus in ancient times, a star festival introduced from China in the Edo period as one of five festivals, and the Ise faith used to purge noxious vapors, exorcise evil spirits, and pray to Amaterasu-Omikami (the Sun-Goddess) of Ise Shrine for longevity were respectively connected, and have since formed into the present festival in the Meiji era.

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