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National Designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property Good luck is brought by augury for the year. Tug-of-war of Tsuruga-Nishimachi    

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The important tangible folk culture property Tug-of-war of Tsuruga-Nishimachi is called Ebisu-Daikoku tug-of-war and is a preliminary celebration event performed at the beginning of the year, and performed in the Lunar New Year every year.

Hundreds of people, young and old, gather in crowds at the Nishimachi street where a fair has been held in modern times, are divided into east and west sections, and pull a thick rope covered with straw. The east group is the Ebisu-kata group, for the fishery god, and the west group is the Daikoku-kata group, for the agricultural god, and depending on which group wins the tug-of-war, this will determine whether the coming year is one for a big catch (Higashi-kata) or good harvest (Nishi-kata). Anyone, even spectators, can join in and torn off straws are brought back home for good luck.

Because the mask of Ebisu handed down carries a mark of 1597, it is assumed that the preliminary celebration was established some 400 years previously.
(Event-holding date: Third Sunday of January)

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