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Dishes for memorial services for Shinran (Hoonko) handed down to Kinehashi, Kitadani-cho    

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In the Kinehashi region, Kitadani-cho, Katsuyama City, memorial services for Shinran have been practiced at each home as the most important event of the year to repay the kindness of Shinran-Shonin, the founder of a religious sect of Shin Buddhism, and to express gratitude at the harvesting of farm produce, with relatives and neighbors invited.

However, in recent years, with increasing aging and depopulation, only a few homes practice memorial services for Shinran and the festive event has been gradually simplified. We therefore reproduced the dishes for memorial services for Shinran handed down to the region and left on record.

Takamama, dished-up rice, made by Tsukinuki and platters for sharing, including Jinda-ae (soybean dressing)", in which soybeans are ground by stone mortar, E-ae (Perilla ocimoides dressing)," and other side dishes are introduced.

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