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Local performing arts of Uenohara City - Ueno Citys Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property -    

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The video picture introduces 8 intangible folk cultural properties of Uenohara City. The opening festival accompaniments of Shin-machi and Hon-machi are introduced at the festival of Ushikura Shrine of the Uenohara region on September 5 every year and floats are paraded. In the 1880s, festival accompaniments were handed down from the western part of Kanto. The kagura-mai of Kozaike next introduced is dedicated in the festival of Shokonsha of Tawa in the Saihara region one night before and after the Autumnal Equinox Day every year. This is a kind of Jindai-kagura, of which there are very few, even in Yamanashi Prefecture, and it is connected to dramatic performances and kabuki, providing high dramatic characteristics. It is said that the kagura-mai of Kozaike is descended from the Kamakura period. Shishimai, the lion dance, which finally makes an appearance, was conveyed to the five villages of the Yuzurihara and Saihara regions, and is a Hitoridachi Santo Shishimai (lion dance performed by three stand-alone lion dancers), which is rare in Yamanashi Prefecture. The time when it was handed down is not known, but all of them are said to have their origin in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture. In the Yuzurihara region, shishimai is performed on the first Saturday and Sunday of October, while in the Saihara region, at the weekends around September 15.

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