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A home of folkloric performance arts - Higashidori    

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Higashidori Village, situated in Shimokita County, Aomori Prefecture, is located at the utmost end of Honshu and has 29 settlements. People there have nurtured and handed down folkloric performing arts that are linked closely to their way of life. Such performing arts, on one hand, have played the role of an offering to the tutelary god who protected their settlements and, on the other, have soothed and nourished the people during the severe winter months when they are buried in snow. In this film, four different Intangible Folk Cultural Properties, namely Noh dance (designated by the Japanese Government in 1989), Kagura dance (designated by Aomori Prefecture in 1980), Shishimai (designated by Aomori Prefecture in 1991), and Taue Mochitsuki Odori (designated by Aomori Prefecture in 1987) are included. The Noh dance, Kagura dance, and Shishimai are performed at festivals in the settlements and at the New Year, and the Taue Mochitsuki Odori is performed at the Lunar New Year.

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