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National Designated Important Folk Cultural Property Mitsuketenjin Hadakamatsuri - Hoping to tell you the joy of the festival -    

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This is the grand festival of Yanahime Shrine (Mitsuketenjinsha) held on the Saturday and Sunday right before August 10 of the Lunar Calendar, and is called Hadakamatsuri (naked festival)" because men wearing a Japanese loincloth (called fundoshi) with a straw raincoat on around their waists dance wildly in the hall of worship of Yanahime Shrine and various sites of Mitsuke. The festival is held when the enshrined deity of Yanahime Shrine passes to Omi Kunitama Shrine, the Sosha of Totomi-no Kuni. Since the festival retains its ancient ritual condition, it was designated as a state important intangible folk cultural property on December 27, 2000.

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