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Yaizu Katsuobushi (dried bonito of Yaizu)    

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Yaizu is one of the prominent towns of katsuo (bonito) in Japan and manufactured dried bonito from a long time ago. Nowadays, the manufacture of dried bonito has become increasingly mechanized but in order to hand down the old-style manufacturing method, the Yaizu Dried Bonito Traditional Skill Study Society was organized in 1983 and transmission and study of dried bonito manufacturing skills has been implemented.

In 2005, the Yaizu dried-bonito manufacturing skill was designated as an intangible cultural property of Yaizu City and the regional brand was acquired in November 2006 under the trademark right of Yaizu Dried Bonito.

In the video pictures, the process of classic dried-bonito manufacturing work, during which dried bonito is manufactured by spending about 6 months from Nama-giri (raw cutting) to Kabi-tsuke (special fungi treatment) is recorded and tips for each step of the work are also described.

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