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Minami-cho , Tokushima
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Yamagawachi Hikonoshin Ondo and Gedai Odori    

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In around 1818, an individual named Hikonoshin wrote both the words and music for the ondo (dance song) and choreographed the dance for the people in Yongawachi (Okugawachi, Kitagawachi, Nishigawachi, and Yamagawachi). It was said to have been started as Shoryo Odori (dance for spirits), which propitiates ancestors souls.

The ondo is called Hikonoshin Ondo and the dance is called Gedai Odori, designated as a Minami-cho intangible folk culture property (the dance was designated in 1961 and the ondo additionally designated in 1971). As Gedai, there are Keisei Awanonaruto: Junrei Wakare no Ba (the parting scene of the pilgrim), Ushiwakamaru to Benkei, Gonbe no Tanemaki, and others.

Originally, these dances were performed to the ondo in the precinct of Uchikoshiji Temple on the night of August 20, the Bon Festival in the lunar calendar, but in recent years, it has been danced in an open space in front of Taishido of Uchikoshiji Temple on the night of August 14 in the solar calendar.

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