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Karamushi-ori (karamushi fabric) Patrimony of soul recorded in 2000    

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Karamushi of Showa-mura is said to have started when Ashina Morimasa, lord of the Aizu domain at the beginning of the Muromachi period, encouraged its cultivation. Karamushi, a ramie, is an urticaceous plant called choma or aoso. The video is a one-year film chronicle that followed the cultivation of karamushi, a technique called ohiki to take out fibers, and a technique of weaving karamushi threads on a loom in 2000. In the film, the karamushi production process is introduced, including soil preparation, karamushi burning, and preparation of dry fields in the spring; harvesting and ohiki in the summer; quality appraisement and spinning thread in the fall; and twisting thread, warp alignment to length and width of the woven fabric, weaving, and bleaching in the snow in the winter. (Event-holding date: Karamushi-ori-no-sato Fair: End of July; Karamushi-ori-no-sato Snow Festival: End of February)

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